Wednesday, April 02, 2003

9 more interviews?

well, i guess i've sorta been too lazy lately to mention this... anyway......

as i'm sure you know, i've been looking for a job... i need one... i've needed one for quite some time... a couple weeks ago steven asked his parents if they could keep their eyes open to any jobs for me... well, they found one for me... as a teacher's assistant for a kindergarten teacher in one of the elementary schools in their district (steven's dad is one oft he assistant super intendants and steven's mom is the assistant head of special education... both in the pascagoula school district)... sooo, yippy! basically they told me that the job is mine if i want it... so... super yippy! a JOB that i really think i'd like... sure the money is certainly not great, but it's WAY more than i'm making sitting on my ass... the job won't start until august, so i'd still need to find a job for the mean time, not biggie, i guess....... and i've sorta kinda been entertaining the idea ( i was writing this, steven's mom called to ask me about how my interview today went... oops, i haven't mentioned the interview yet, have i? i'll get to that in a sec.......) and i've sorta kinda been entertaining the idea of maybe getting my teaching certificate and teaching elementary school (i could NOT handle older kids)... so, anyway, i thought that being a TA would be a great opportunity for me to decide whether i think i would want to be a teacher or not... anyway... the job has free insurance, paid holidays, summer off (where i would get a PT job for more moola), get off at 3:00 everyday... i mean, shit, how awesome? like i said, money could be better, but it's a little better than i would be making starting off in some office environment as a secretary or something....

so, anyway, i got a phone call on monday to come in this morning for an interview with the principal... interview, eh? well, i thought this was just a formality, even if the job IS mine, they still need to interview me and make sure i'm not a total idiot before they decide to give in to the pressures of the asst. super intendant... sooo, she asked me to tell her a little bit about myself (i hate that question... or request, rather), why i wanted this job, how i would deal with an unruly child in a 5 child reading group, how i would deal with a parent i met in a wal-mart asking me why his/her child got in trouble in school, how i would help the teacher, my strengths and weaknesses... you know... that kinda stuff... i think i answered the questions ok........ then the principal told me that she was interviewing 9 other applicants today and tomorrow and that she and the teacher would narrow it down to 2 potentials and then she would ask the 2 in for another interview... and then she would make her final decision... uh... 9 other applicants? i thought this job was mine??? of course, i didn't say that... but it sorta burst my bubble... what the hell? then i thought... well... maybe they HAVE to interview all applicants...... whether they KNOW they're gonna hire ME or not...... yeah yeah, that's it......... eek.... anyway, then i met with the actual teacher i'd be working under... she was really nice... just told me about the job and what she would need from me... she didn't "interview" me or anything... so, that was good......

9 other applicants? man, i really hope steven's parents didn't give me the wrong impression... that the job was as good as mine... i mean, i know they couldn't be official about it... but, i just wasn't expecting 9 other interviews... i thought i was getting my foot in the door before anyone else... i thought they would talk to steven's dad ("hey mrs. principal-lady, my soon-to-be daughter-in-law needs a job... give her one!") and then interview me ("yeah, ok, she's not a dumb-ass, we'll hire her") and that would be that...... arg... i better get it...

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