Thursday, April 10, 2003

all about work

yesterday while I was at work the principal of the school I interviewed at called me... she left a message asking me to call her back when I could... I didn't know what that was about... I could just guess that Steven's dad finally got a chance to talk to her and she was calling to apologize or give me a job... anyway, by the time I got the message yesterday it was too late and she was no longer at her office... so, last night Steven talks to his dad and asks him why she could possibly be wanting to talk to me... well, Steven's dad called her into his office yesterday morning (HEE HEE!!)... he wanted to chew her out in PERSON! he said that he had her tearing up!! he was so pissed off... making him a liar and all that... she told him that she was sooo sorry... she said that out of the 10 people she interviewed I came in 2nd place... the chick that came in 1st place was the one that was hired... the principal told Steven's dad that she gave the teacher 60% of the vote of who to hire... and the teacher picked the #1 girl... sooo, I got screwed... she said she was really sorry telling Steven's dad that she was going to hire me... she was sorry for not ending up hiring me... blah blah blah......... so, Steven's dad figured that she was just calling me to apologize... HA!

so, I called her back this afternoon... she said that she was just calling to apologize for not hiring me... that she had every intention on hiring me... but she said she was a "personality person" and she hires people according to their personality and what their job will be... she felt that my personality and the teacher's personality (the one I'd be working under) were too different... we clashed... she felt that I "would not be happy" working with that teacher (bull shit) and she was deeply sorry for having to do that and not hire me when she had every intention of doing so... I was very nice to her, though... I told her that I was grateful to her for thinking of me like that... for considering my happiness and shit... I wanted to be nice to her in case another TA job came up that she could hire me for... because, when she called me initially to tell me I didn't get the job she did say that there was another job possibly coming up... and I didn't want to ruin my chances of getting that job... now, speaking of that other TA possibility... she told me that she was trying to get permission to hire some more TAs for 1st and 2nd grade... she said she needed additional help in those grades... she told me that if she's given permission to get more TAs then I will DEFINITELY be hired...... I'm not going to hold my breath.... but I thanked her and was very nice and polite because I didn't want to burn any bridges, ya know? she never told me that I came in 2nd place and that the other teacher didn't want me... so, she's telling 2 different stories... I doubt either one of them are really the truth... oh well... maybe she'll be able to get more TAs and then she can hire me... I hope I hope...

anyway... I filled out an application at Michael's today... you know, the arts and crafts store... I drove by it yesterday and saw that they had a now hiring sign up... so, I decided to come back today and fill out an application... on my my neighbors works at Michael's and we sorta hang out sometimes... soo, I was sorta hoping she could put in a good word for me... and she did! she told her boss that I was a sweet girl, a good worker, and in need for a job... :) and he told her that he would definitely look over my application... tomorrow she's going to tell her other boss about me, too... and, I didn't know this... but, Michael's is moving soon to a bigger store right up the street... so, they're going to NEED more employees... so... YAY! PLEASE let me get the job!! I like this little job I have now at the florist... I really do... and I can see myself starting to enjoy it more as I learn more things... but I know it's just a temporary deal... the owner hired lots of girls for the holiday rush... Easter, then Secretary's Day, and then Mother's Day... 3 big flower holidays all real close to each other... so, I really don't think I'll have a job with them after Mother's Day... I wish I did... but I really have a feeling I won't... and I need a permanent job, not a temporary thing... so, hopefully this Michael's thing will work out... I really hope......

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