Wednesday, April 09, 2003

getting ready for work!

well, I'm awake and showered and ready to go to WORK... "I'm going to work..." what an odd thing for me to be able to say... I finally have a job... albeit a part-time minimum-wage paying job... but a job, nonetheless... wow...

I have NO idea when I'll be coming home, no idea what kinda lunch break I'll get, no idea what to where, really... no idea the name of my boss, no idea when I'll be working again... this kinda makes me unhappy... :) I like being able to plan... mostly, I really want to know when my day will be over today... I'm working from 8:30 to....??? I don't even know the normal hours of the business!! I have no idea when they close or if they're open on Sundays or even all day Saturday! lordy... I shoulda asked more questions... :) I can't image they're open after 6... and I wouldn't be surprised if they're closed on Sunday... which would be good hours for me, then.... oh well...

I'm gonna go spend time with my puppy now...

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