Tuesday, April 22, 2003

what's up?

I know I haven't had a real post in a long time..... but, there's really nothing going on in my life right now... I'm working and that's going pretty well... no complaints there, really... except that they keep me really busy, which is great, but makes my feet really sore... and the money's shitty... but, hey, it's a P/T job making slightly over minimum wage... I need a real job... still looking...

did I ever mention that I was having my wedding ring made? there's a jeweler that's really close to my apartment that makes custom jewelry, so I asked him if he could make my wedding ring look just like my engagement ring except without the center stone... he told met hat he didn't have the equipment there to do it but there was a company in California that he really likes and trusts that he gets to make a lot of jewelry for him... so, he sent my engagement ring to this company in California (this was about a month ago) and I finally got my engagement ring back today... the wedding ring was finished too... and I got to see it... oooooo, it's so gorgeous!!! it's platinum with pave diamonds... so pretty... I didn't want to try it on cause I didn't know if that would be bad luck or anything... but it's so pretty... and I can not wait until I can wear it... :)

anyway, that's about all that's going on with me........... sorry this is so dull...........

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