Saturday, July 12, 2003

how exciting

well, steven and I got into a little fender bender on I-10 this afternoon... hee hee... oops! no one was hurt, but hitting someone's ass end while going 60 miles an hour... there sure was potential to get a boo boo or more... i'm just kinda surprised that the air bag didn't go off... that kinda worries me... how much of an impact does it take to deploy those things?? getting shoved forward into he seatbelt strap sure hurt my chest though.... steven wasn't wearing a seatbelt ("oh, I know I don't wear my belt in town... you never go fast enough in town to get really hurt.... but I always wear it on the interstate, I promise!") but he was just fine...

what happened was..... we were coming back home from visiting steven's parents... going west on I-10... we were in the left lane... there was a car pulled over on the non-shoulder of the left side... 2 people were behind the pulled over car... a chick was jumping up and down on a car jack (she was trying to take off the back right wheel... the wheel closest to the road... and they were on a non-shoulder... very close to the road) and there was another chick looking inside the car on the passenger's side.... the door wide open... she was reaching deep into the car with one of her legs sticking up in the air... which looked like it was sticking out into the actual highway.......... anyway......... I guess you could say we were rubbernecking... but ONLY because the people were so close to the road... it looked like they were about to step out into the lane... anyway... the people in front of us were rubbernecking too... and I guess the people in front of them put on their breaks... so, the people in front of us had to slam on their breaks... and... uh... we were sorta not paying the best of attention... so... by the time steven realized that the people in front of us had slammed on their breaks it was too late...... uh, hee hee.... BOOM! hee hee... but everyone was just fine... we pulled over... checked out the cars... ours was just fine... loosened the front bumper up a bit, but it's not a prob, steven's gonna tighten it back up tomorrow... and their back bumper was dimpled a bit, but steven and the guy punched it out right there on the side of the highway... all was good... steven offered to exchange insurance info and call the cops and all if the other guy wanted to, but he didn't... so... we just left... all was ok... it was exciting though... :)

I have to work tomorrow... hopefully they'll let us know who is going to be hired on to actually work the store... but, i'm pretty sure that they're going to hire me... no, I'm not being super cocky... I was standing with my manager when he handed a list to the store manager... dave (my manager) asked chris (the store mananger) to go over the list to make sure he agreed with all the names on it... and then they will split the people up for classes (classes to start training the people on the list on how to run and work the store)... then chris gave the list back to dave and dave and I went up to the offices (he was gonna show me how to use the computer to print out signs) and he put the list down then left me in the office alone... so, I snuck a peek... and my name was on it! yay! I also got some other good clues that they're going to hire me... yesterday dave showed me a different way to put up signs in the rooms around the store... he had me scan the UPC codes in each room and then go upstairs to the computer and print out the signs... the offices upstairs are being a door that you need a passcode to open... he taught me the passcode... which I took as I sign that he trusted me... he's giving me more responsibility, right? and he bothered to show me the computer... why do that if I won't be working there? and while I was up there at one point yesterday chris asked me if I knew how to use the intercom... I said no... so he taught me... why go to the trouble to teach me if I won't be working there, right?? maybe I'm just reading too much into all this... but I did see my name on that list... no one's actually come out and told me I had the job, but I think it's a good bet that I do have it................ I hope...

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