Wednesday, July 09, 2003

um... hi... remember me?

it's been over a month since i've posted... so, i wrote a fairly long entry... but, uh, since it's been so long since i've blogged it seems that i sorta forgot how it works... that i've got to publish the post before i close the window... oops... :)

anyway, i'm not going to write a long entry again... i didn't say much anyway... just said that nothing's been going on in my life... that i was in a little funk and didn't really want to talk about my life... it's not that anything horrible was going on... my brain was just preoccupied with something and i couldn't really care about anything butt hat one thing... and i really didn't want to talk about that one thing... so, i just chose not to talk... sounds so melodramatic, i know... sorry... but i'm out of the funk now... yay!

a Bed, Bath, and Beyond store is opening up in a few days... i've been hired on to help them stock the store before the opening... they hired a lot more people to stock the store than they're going to need to actually work the store once they open... they're going to chose the people to work the store from the people they hired to stock the store... they're only going to keep about a third of the people... so, i'm really keeping my fingers crossed that they'll keep me on... i know it's not my dream job or anything, but it's SOMETHING... and i desperately need a job... any job... and if i can get full-time, like i want, i can get benefits... which, really, is the most important thing to me... and as long as i can make enough money to pay for the groceries, i'll be happy...

anyway, that's about all i said before... minus some extra fluff that was really just me rambling... so... i'm gonna go... i promise i'll try to be a better blogger from now on... :)

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