Monday, August 29, 2005


still alive. wind gusts around maybe 70 to 80 mph here we are. pretty strong. we have the car (an escape) parked behind our house. the wind is coming up behind it and kinda pushing it some. it keeps moving back and forth. kinda freaky. some snapped trees. we had a porta-potty across the street at a house they're building. it's now in the middle of the street. sideways rain. kinda wicked. mack won't go out and pee. i forced him cause i knew he had to. we went out and hid behind a car to avoid the wind. he peed on the tire then we ran inside.

electricity's been out since around 7 am. lasted longer than i thought it would. i managed to get a shower and dry my hair before it went out.

we're all fine for now. it's hitting west of us. west enough that we'll be just fine.

ok, must go! working on batery now. must conserve!

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