Sunday, August 21, 2005

another post?!?!

well, i didn't rob a bank... and i didn't do anything else to have an eventful weekend... soooo, i guess i'll just go ramble on about nothing.

it's been a couple of years since i've had a real meaningful post. you'd think i'd have a lot to update ya'll on, huh? ha! :) well, i suppose i've never mentioned on here that steven and i got a house... yep, got a house... lovely house... :) it's kinda outside of town a little bit, so, we don't get cable out here, so not cable internet service... and our phone company is shit, so, we don't have DSL.... sooooooo, we've got dial-up. ohhhh well. better than nothing.

we recently got a lap top and gave our desktop to Stevens parents. now i can get on the pooter in the living room while lounging on the couch... which is why i've been getting on a lot more lately... and why i think i might take up blogging again. it might not be an every day thing... or even an every other day thing....... but maybe every few days or something. we'll see.

still got the same job at the same place. nothing new there. steven's got the same job at the same place, too, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that that may soon change. i don't like talking or thinking about it cause it might jinx things... but, if he did get another job, it would require a move... outta the south...

i'm a little frustrated with my blog... i've forgotten just about all i knew about HTML, so i'm having trouble fixing some things... not a huge deal or anything. just makes me feel......... old.

well, i guess that's it for now. i live the most dull life ever. :)

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