Sunday, August 28, 2005

category FIVE?!?!

hmm... well, Katrina is a category 5. it's as big as the whole state of florida. it's fucking HUGE and STRONG. still seems to be headed toward new orleans. that city is going to be destroyed. completely. what a shame. the best thing for them is for the storm to take a turn to the east and bypass them. that would be awful for us, though. still, if it hit biloxi or gulfport or so, we should be ok. there will be a high risk or tornadoes and LOTS of rain and wind, but we should remain standing. however.... ... it looks like we'll lose power... i don't know how long... but, it's more than likely gonna go bye bye. OI!

a category 5. damn... that's unfathomably strong. camille, that his pascagoula, was a cat 5... it destroyed that town in 69. destroyed. everyone around here (that's old enough) remembers it.

steven's family hauled ass. they're on their way to tallahassee. they want us to come. but, so far, steven thinks we'll be pretty ok. i think that too. if i lived in pascagoula, like they do, i'd probably leave, too. they're more toward the center of the projected path cone thing ("the cone of uncertainy").

poor new orleans. it's going to take them so long to rebuild. but they're below sea level. i mean, i feel bad for them, but i can't sympathize too much. i mean, they have to expect this shit, you know??? they're BELOW sea level... and they're RIGHT on the damn coast. they say that it's lake pontchartrain that's gonna do the most flooding and damage. the whole dang city's gonna be competely under water.

right now i'm doing as much with electricity as i can. laundry. vacuum. a lot of cleaning. i need to iron all my clothes needing ironing, too. just get it all done so i won't have to worry about it. i'm afrain i'm gonna have a hot-ass week ahead of me. oi.

i guess i'll probably be outta communication for a while. our phones usually go down in storms, as well. we lost phone service last year after Ivan for a few days. hopefully cell phones will be working. again, during Ivan, most cells were down a day or so. no blogging for a while. and i was on such a good roll!

well, needless to say, i ain't going to work tomorrow.

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