Friday, August 26, 2005

Damn you, Katrina!

well, we're being told to get ready for yet another hurricane. arg! i'm really getting tired of these things. they starting to become a pain in the ass. we're not gonna evacuate for this one. we left for Dennis a couple of months ago and it turned out to be nothing. nothing here in Mobile, anyway. Pensacola got the shit knocked outta them, though. we got lucky. anyway, we're gonna stay unless it starts to look REALLY bad. i've still got all my batteries and candles and shit from previous storms. i've got my emergency radio and battery operated tv. i just wish we had a generator. we need a shed so that we can store one when we're not in need of it. oh well, hopefully it'll miss us again this time. hopefully it'll hit either east of us or way west. being directly on the west side of the storm is the roughest side, so, if it hits Pascagoula or somewhere near there, we're screwed. :) ho hum. it'll be hitting somewhere Monday. oooh, maybe the store will close and i won't have to go to work! we still get paid when we close for hurricanes.

i just hate all this "preparation" shit. people go crazy. trying to get gas is a nightmare. half the pumps close down because they're outta gas. people filling up their cars and gas cans for their generators. people running to the grocery stores to get water and bread and canned goods. it just gets so annoying.

it's funny. when i 1st moved here i couldn't wait for a hurricane to hit. i wanted so badly to experience one. i've completely changed me attitude. they're just too annoying. :) is that bad? i don't so much worry about all the damage as much as how it'll disturb my life for a few days. Lord i hope we don't lose power for days at a time. i don't want to lose it at all. oi.... i need my air conditioner. and hair dryer.

my folks are coming for a visit on Wednesday. hmm, hope Katrina doesn't effect their coming at all.

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