Sunday, August 28, 2005

gettin' windy

ooo-wee, it's getting windy out there now. it's actually not THAT bad yet. the wind... i guess it's kinda like as windy as it is before a bad thunderstorm. but it's pretty constant. you can definately tell it's coming, though.

i went to fill my gas tank up. i had about 3/4 of a tank, but i just wanted to top it off. and i stopped at a mac machine and got out $200 in cash. after storms lots of businesses just take cash cause their credit card and check authorize machines are down or because their power's out altogether.

my mom and dad are starting to freak out a little. wondering why we're not going, but they're watching the weather channel. the weather channel is making it out to be that the entire gulf coast is going to be obliterated. that's not true. granted, we'll have bad weather, but we'll be ok. our house isn't going anywhere. we might lose a few roof shingles or some part of our fence at worst, but we'll be ok.

we'll probably spend a lot of time at our neighbor's house. they've got a generator and a little window a/c unit. so, needless to say, i'm gonna be milking our friendship. :) i think i might just move into their house until power comes back.

well....... anyway... i need to go. bring in some of the outside stuff. i'll try to post again tonight.

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