Saturday, August 27, 2005

is it raining? is it snowing? is a hurricane a-blowing?

we're on the eastern-most side of Katrina's projected path. that's good. we might get lucky and have Katrina dodge us altogether. however, that means we are on the east side of the storm... the roughest side of the storm. so, hopefully it'll hit way west of us and we won't get the really, really bad wind and rain. if it hits around new orleans we'll be fine. but if it hits biloxi or gulfport we'll have some rough weather, but it'll be a lot better than getting a direct hit.

steven's parents reserved a few rooms in tallahassee, florida for the whole family. they're going to go there tomorrow. don't know who else is going. we may or may not go. steven has to work tomorrow til about noon. now THAT pisses me off. he's gotta help them tie loose crap down and stuff like that. just generally make sure everything is safe and won't go flying off into space. what pisses me off is that the storm is expected to hit monday. sunday afternoon is not enough time for the people that work there to get all their own personal shit secure. and what if they wanted to evacuate?? they'd have to go like sunday afternoon/evening. that's hardly enough time. it's not fair. anyway, about tallahasse... i guess we'll decide before 6:00 tomorrow night if we're gonna go or not. we have until then to cancel our reservation. i really don't think we'll need to go. at least i hope not.

anyway, i hate to wish this storm on anyone. it's going to be a bad one. but i sure don't want it to come anywhere close to here.

steven and i went out to dinner this evening and saw a few businesses already boarded up. sheesh, my work waits until the morning of the day the storm hits to board up. idiots. i don't know why they wait until the last possible second.

i have to call my work tomorrow to see if we're gonna be open monday or not. i woulda called today but i figured they wouldn't know yet. they never know until the day before. i'll just call tomorrow afternoon. even if they ARE open monday and the weather is bad, i don't think i'll go. i'm not leaving the house if it absolutely pouring down rain and super-ass windy. i'm not gonna leave and get stranded somewhere not able to get back. the roads around my house flood pretty easily when it's raining a lot. and i certainly don't want to leave my dog in all that crap. but, it al depends on where the storm hits. we'll see.

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